General Takaful

Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company offers a wide range of General Takaful Plans that include:


Provides cover against damage to property caused by named covered perils like: fire, lightning, earthquake, storms, burglary. In addition to social perils like riot and strike, malicious damage

Contractors Plant and Machinery

Covers all risk for machinery like concrete mixer, concrete pumps, drilling equipment, batching plant for production of concrete.

Machinery Breakdown

Covers all equipment in fixed locations like generators, turbines, engines, machineries used for cold storage against sudden and unforeseen accident physical losses caused by short circuit, overheating, material defects.

Marine Cargo

Covers the loss, damage or theft of commodities while in transit.

Contractors All Risk (CAR)

Provides a comprehensive plan  which covers a wide range of risks associated with civil engineering works (from small buildings to large industrial construction).

Erection All Risk (EAR)

Provides comprehensive protection on ‘all risk cover’ against all types of risks associated with erection, testing, commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment during constructional stage.

Professional Indemnity

Provides cover to professionals like architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants against claims brought against them by lawsuit because of negligence or neglect. The Plan can be bought for an annual contract or a whole project period.

Money Insurance

  • Cash in Safe

         Provides cover against theft of money or valuables from a safe.

  • Cash in Transit

         Provides cover against burglary during transit of money while in the custody of the employees of the contributor’s offices and banks.

General Third Party Liability

Protects the contributor against liabilities imposed by lawsuit. Liability takaful is designed to offer specific protection against third party takaful claims, i.e. payment is not typically made to the insured, but to someone incurring a loss and who does not form a party in the takaful contract.

Workmen’s Compensation

Covers the employees against work related injuries by providing them with wage replacement -or fraction of it- and medical fees payment.

Directors and Officers Liability

Covers the company against lawsuit brought against its directors or officers.

Electronic Equipment

Provides cover to electronic equipment such as communication equipment, office machinery and the like against sudden and unforeseen accidental loss arising out of but not limited to fire, lightning, explosion and theft.

Home Takaful Plan

With our Boubyan Home Takaful Plan, we provide the right coverage in the event of an unfortunate incident so that you will not be financially burdened should something unexpected happen to your home or its content. This will give you time to enjoy today with greater peace of mind. 

Personal Accident Takaful Plan

Provides financial security in the event of an accident so that you and your family will not be financially burdened should something unexpected happen to you. 

Travel Takaful Plan

Helps you enjoy comprehensive personalized coverage for you and your family, from medical and hospitalization expenses incurred due to accidental injuries, loss of money and documents, loss of personal belongings and flight delays.