Boubyan Takaful

Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company (BTIC) aims to offer a comprehensive range of Takaful products that supports the stability and security of community that conducted in compliance with Our Shariah Committee.

Home Insurance

Covers against many perils such as natural hazards, theft and fire

Starting from 25 KD

Motor Insurance

Provides a range of covers that includes traffic accident to contributor’s vehicle and its accessories and spare parts also Additional coverages as following: -

  • Replacement car
  • Roadside assistance
  • Windscreen replacement

Starting from 140 KD

Individuals & families Medical

Boubyan Takaful Medical insurance covers the medical costs of treatment and accom-modation in private hospitals, as well as maternity benefit and dental treatments to meet the medical needs of Boubyan Clients

Starting from 140 KD

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