Boubyan Drive Insurance

Download Boubyan Takaful Mobile App and activate Boubyan drive feature and enjoy all motor comprehensive policy benefits in addition to discounts up to 20% on your annual premiums according to your driving behavior.

- loss of or damage to the insured Motor Vehicle and its accessories and space parts due to destruction,
- partial, total loss, or damage

Boubyan Pay How You Drive Motor Comprehensive Policy
Boubyan Pay How You Drive Motor Comprehensive Insurance policy is an interactive motor comprehensive policy that aims to provide our clients with the best Customer Experience. the policy is identical to the motor comprehensive policy in terms of coverage and insurance policies in addition to giving the customer the ability to decrease his insurance price depending on his driving behavior. The new product is based on a telematic feature called Boubyan Drive that is available inside Btic mobile application, which registers the driving behavior of the driver and rates the driving on a scale from 0 to 10. In order to get cheaper motor insurance, the driver has to demonstrate an overall driving score of more than 8.5/10 in addition to a special discount that is rewarded on purchase. there’s no downside to this, so if you’re not able to achieve the 8.5/10 scoring, your car insurance premium will not increase – this only has a positive side, namely the additional discount.” This is the first time in Kuwait that a car insurance premium is directly related to the actual driving behavior. “We strongly believe that as a leading national insurance company we play a vital role in making the roads safer by offering safe drivers discounts on their car insurance premiums to encourage them to continue their safe driving style.