Boubyan Drive

What is Boubyan Drive?

Boubyan drive is a new program in Boubyan Takaful that measures the driver’s behavior. It gives the users the ability to gain rewarding points that they can redeem for prizes and rewards from our strategic partners. You can gain points weekly based on your driving habits. Once you activate the application, the GPS monitor will start to measure your driving based on acceleration, braking, speeding and your mobile usage during the trip.

The points will be collected based on the rating given by the application on your driving behavior. You can redeem your points to discount codes, free insurance policies and much more prizes from our strategic partners.

Boubyan Takaful encourages and promotes driving safely in Kuwait as one of its roles in the society. The program is available for everyone. Do not miss the chance and download the application now.


  • Daily rewards
  • Safety features
  • Promotes driving safely
  • Special promotions and prizes

Start earning points today!

All you have to do is download Boubyan Takaful application and register your information with boubyan drive. And you will get your points calculated based on your driving behavior.Don’t forget to turn on the GPS and start driving safely today.