Assets & Business

Fire Insurance

This coverage provides you with protection against fire, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and related damages.

Marine Insurance

This policy from Boubyan Takaful offers protection to customers from losses or damages to the marine and air means of transport and accidents.

Motor Fleet Insurance

The Motor Fleet Insurance policy is provided by Boubyan Takaful to companies, taking into consideration the size of the company’s business and the number of cars in their fleet.

Money Insurance & Fidelity Guarantee

These covers protect business owners from the financial consequences of fraud and theft in the workplace.

Liability Insurance

This program provides protection for the company against the liabilities incurred by litigation.

Engineering Insurance

This program covers a wide range of hazards associated with civil engineering works from small buildings to large industrial constructions.

Cyber Insurance

We help you and your company stay protected by covering your cyber liability, along with business disruptions and material damages that arise from cybercrime.

Employees Benefits

Group Medical

Group Medical Insurance provides client's employees with a comprehensive Medical the ability to design the suitable program to the employees' needs while taking into consideration the budget set by the client.

Group Life

Providing protection for client’s employees contributes to stimulating and encouraging a work environment and creates an atmosphere of positivity.

Workmen Compensation

This insurance policy provides coverage according to the Labor Law of the private sector in Kuwait.