Motor Insurance Claim

Steps to Follow if a Traffic Accident Occurs

1. Inform the police station as soon as possible on the emergency number 112.

2. Do not leave place of the accident without obtaining permission from the police.

3. Do not let the other party on the accident leave without taking the plate number of his vehicle.

4. Take a picture for the accident and damage with your mobile if possible.

5. Inform the insurance company by:

  • Attending and register a claim file on company head office (Panasonic Tower – 10th floor)
  • Or by WhatsApp number 1825582
  • Or by Email of claim department

6. Provide us with the following: -

  • Notification of the accident (the police station report)
  • Registration book of the vehicle
  • Owner civil ID
  • Driver's license during the accident
  • Pictures of damage if possible.

Note: If the front windshield is broken, please inform the company, without an accident report (police station report on the accident).