One-Third AlKhayrat

Documents Required

  • Incident claim form duly completed & sent to the company within the notification period.
  • Civil Identification copy.
  • Original Death Certificate from ministry of health. (for Death claims  inside Kuwait)
  • Original Death certificate authorized from Foreign Ministry & Kuwait Embassy in the country where Death occurred. (for Death claims outside Kuwait)
  • Detailed Medical report/Forensic report stating the cause of death if not clarified in the Original Death Certificate. (for Death claims)
  • Medical Reports issued by the treating Hospital stating the cause of illness (hospitalization and surgery reports, histology reports, specialist’s report, lab test, etc.) related to the claim. (for PTD & CI Claims)
  • Original Disability report duly certified, signed & stamped from General Medical Council. (for permanent total disability claims)
  • Accident Police Report. (for accidental claims)